ECS Summer Fellowships

Please see the forwarded message below for an opportunity to the ECS Summer Fellowship award:

The ECS Summer Fellowships are given to assist students during the summer months in the pursuit of work in a field of interest to ECS. The next fellowships will be presented in 2015.

The materials are due by January 15, 2015

For the complete award rules and application form, please visit the Student Awards page on the ECS website. All materials must be submitted electronically.

Good luck!

Dan Fatton
Director of Development and Membership Services

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General Meeting

Greetings ECS BC Student Chapter members:

Please join us for the General Meeting on Thursday, November 27th, 2014, at 3:30 PM at the SFU Harbour Centre.  

We’re open for nominations for the executive positions:

the President, who will lead, observe, and represent the organization, conduct and arrange Executive Committee meetings,  maintain the Constitution, and serve as the primary signatory;

the Vice President, who will aid the President and fulfill the associated duties in the absence of the President, and along with the President, plan for and direct student chapter events;

the Secretary, who will record and archive meeting proceedings, direct electionn, update membership lists, maintain the website and archive any other relevant publications;

the Treasurer, who will manage group funds;

the Members at Large, who will serve as liaison between the general student body and the organization.

All executive members require active ECS memberships.

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Successful ECS BC YES 2014


The ECS BC Student Chapter held its second annual BC Young Electrochemists Symposium on July 4th, 2014 at the Chemical and Biological Engineering Department building, the University of British Columbia (UBC) in Vancouver. The one-day symposium included five presentations by well-known scientists as well as a student poster presentation session funded by the Electrochemical Society and the UBC Chemical & Biological Engineering Department. It attracted more than fifty five attendees from different departments at the University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University and Western Washington University. This year, ECS BC Student Chapter proudly hosted five interesting talks in the field of electrochemistry by Dr. Curtis Berlinguette (Professor at UBC), Dr. Hogan Yu (Professor at SFU), Dr. Amin Aziznia (Research Engineer at Mantra Energy Alternatives Ltd.), Dr. Thomas Kadyk (Post-doctoral fellow at SFU) and Dr. Alix Melchy (Post-doctoral fellow at SFU). Two cash prizes and one honorary gift were also awarded to best posters by Heather Baroody (1st), Huihui Tian (2nd) and Sean McBeath (3rd) in the poster session competition.

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ECS BC Young Electrochemists Symposium – July 4 2014

2014 YES

Please join us in this year’s BC Young Electrochemists Symposium at UBC on July 4, 2014. This one day, free symposium provides students a great opportunity to network with other electrochemists from across BC to discuss research and form collaborations within our province. The event features 3 invited speakers and a student poster competition with cash prizes.

Invited speakers:
Curtis Berlinguette, Associate Professor, UBC
Hogan Yu, Professor, SFU
Alfred Lam, Associate at Chrysalix Energy Venture Capital

The event program can be downloaded here.

Please reserve your spot here.


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Solid State/Electrochemistry Student Mixer at the 97th Annual Canadian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition

001 002
003 004

On Wednesday June 4th, the British Columbia Electrochemical Student Society held a student mixer for all of its’ membership and for relevant attendees of the 97th Annual Candian Chemistry Conference and Exhibition in conjunction with the Solid State division of the Canadian Society for Chemistry. The goal of this event was to increase awareness within the electrochemical and solid state community of our relatively new student chapter and provide an atmosphere for open discussion between students with similar research interests. The event attracted over 50 attendees and generated some great discussions about research, involvement with the student chapter and up-coming events, including our annual BC Young Electrochemists Symposia.

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ECSBC Seminar

ECSBC Seminar

Announcing a special seminar by Prof. David W. Showsmith, Western University on Nov. 13th, 2013, in CHEM D213, UBC at 3:00PM.


David Shoesmith, Director, Surface Science Western
Department of Chemistry, Western University
London, Ontario, N6A 5B7

We have been developing various spectroscopic and microscopic techniques to investigate electrochemically reactive surfaces which can be instructively applied to such systems, and this seminar will describe their application to two distinctly different systems.
The corrosion of nuclear fuel (UO2) under permanent waste disposal conditions will dictate the release rate of radionuclides to the environment. We have been studying the influences of non-stoichiometry and rare earth doping on the electrochemical reactivity of custom made UIV1-2xUV2xO2+x and UIVREIIIO2 specimens using microRaman spectroscopy, current-sensing atomic force microscopy, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and scanning electrochemical microscopy..
The development of fuel efficient/battery-powered automobiles requires the use of light weight materials. Due to their strength and ready castability Mg alloys are prime candidates, providing corrosion issues can be overcome. We have been comparing the corrosion behaviour of cast AM50 Mg alloys using electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, energy dispersive X-ray analysis, confocal scanning laser microscopy and transmission electron microscopy. These studies show that the variations in Al content within α-Mg grains and divorced eutectic regions and the distribution of β-phase (Mg17Al12) and Al-Mn intermetallics control the distribution and severity of corrosion damage.

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2013 BC Young Electrochemists Symposium

The first annual BC Young Electrochemists Symposium was a great success. Special thanks go to our invited speakers: Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz, Dr. Dan Bizzotto, and Dr. Andrea Sudik; as well as our funding providers: SFU Chemistry Graduate Society, UBC Graduate Student Society, UBC Clean Energy Research Centre, SFU Science Graduate Student Society, SFU Science, SFU Chemistry, UBC Engineering, and UBC Chemical & Biological Engineering.

Congratulations to our poster competition winners: Conrad Rizal (1st), Karen Chan (2nd) and Yajuan Hao (2nd).

Thank you all for participating in the first ECSBC event.

Click here to see the gallery of the ECSBC YES 2013 event.


Introducing our first annual BC Young Electrochemists Symposium taking place on June 21 st , 2013 at UBC in Vancouver. The 2013 BC Young Electrochemists Symposium is a free symposium (including beverages and lunch) featuring a student poster presentation with cash prize(s) and the following three presentations:

Dr. Gregory Jerkiewicz (Queen’s University) – Platinum Electrochemistry

Dr. Dan Bizzoto (UBC) – Gold Electrochemisty

Dr. Andrea Sudik (AFCC) – Perspective on the Fuel Cell Industry

Registration is now closed. Thank you for participating.

Cash Prize awarded for top poster(s).


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